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GT Elite was founded in during the Spring of 2013.  After a successful season with his Wellesley Metrowest team, Coach Isaiah Davis took that team and started GT Elite.  The momentum built in that original season took Coach Isaiah's GT Elite from two teams in the spring of 2013 to 10 teams in the fall of 2013.  What makes GT Elite different is also what makes GT Elite successful.

The purpose of GT Elite has and always will be to accommodate the multi-sport athlete.  The Metrowest community is stocked with kids that play baseball, lacrosse or soccer, but still want a taste of basketball in the spring and fall.  GT Elite is perfect for this type of kid. Normal AAU teams practice 2-3 times per week; GT Elite host one mandatory practice and one voluntary skills session per week.  Normal AAU teams play in 6-10 tournaments in the spring and fall; GT Elite participates in 4-5.  While our schedule is light and demands are flexible, we have still managed to be very competitive on the club circuit.  Many of our teams over the past two years have won tournaments, played at the D1/D2 level and we even had a few state champions last season.  

GT Elite teaches an aggressive style of play that emphasizes the development of basketball fundamentals and a defense-first mentality! The team concept is a staple of all our teams in the program. We pride ourselves on having teams that focus on sharing the basketball and creating an atmosphere where everyone contributes in each game. We believe in using a players best attributes, however we understand that you stereotype a player based on size or positions. We build basketball players and not position players!